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WANT A Met-Rx? That's a question Bridgette Fonda's character, a pot-smoking ”surfer girl,” asked Robert Dinero's character, an alchoholic ex-con, in Quentin Tarantino's movie ”Jackie Brown.” I thought about that line from the movie because Met-Rx is what all the actors in ”Gamemaster” must have had a steady diet of before they shot this video. All the bodies in this video look really buff, hence the Met-Rx reference. Following the success of the first installment of their wrangler series ”Sharp Shooters,” this video takes a tour of a virtual reality fantasyland on the Internet. The special effects and wardrobe are especially well done (loved seeing Cole Tucker as a computer geek). Once again, Centaur has brought together a group of the hottest models in the industry.
The story opens as Kyle Brandon (former Mr. Drummer) is walking home from work in the dark of night (strutting to an original song written for the video). He hears a loud scream coming from a nearby alley. Running to investigate, he encounters Dino DiMarco and Peter Wilder, apparently trying to assault newcomer Tommy Cruise. He fights off the assailants, only to be scoffed at by Tommy, who tells him that the incident ”is only a game.” Tommy suddenly disappears, leaving behind a business card which reads: ”play the game of your life.”
When Kyle awakens the next morning, he finds the same card he had placed on his computer the night before is now mysteriously propped upon his bare chest. Really intrigued now, he goes to his computer to check it out. After logging onto www.gamemaster.com, Kyle encounters the ”Game Master” who asks if he wants to play a game. He is instructed to put on his virtual reality glasses where he is then transported into his fantasy: Kyle decked out in full leather, tied to a cross in a dungeon, under the watchful eye of horse-hung Canadian Carl Erik (who looks beefier than usual ... both bodywise and cockwise). Carl is the Dungeon Master and doesn't waste any time taking and making Kyle his slave ... working him over in every way ... with Kyle squirming in pleasure. After they release their juices we cut to Carl, who is sitting at his desk taking off his glasses.
Carl was so enamored by the experience he quickly calls his friend, blond hardbody Cutter West. Cutter is convinced to try the game, so he logs on. After he chooses ”Military Maneuvers” as his fantasy, he becomes a Marine Sergeant on the firing range with Private J.T. Sloan (from Centaur's ”Hot Firemen”). The Sergeant and the Private make a bet on who can be the better shot. The winner of the match gets to tell the loser what to do for the rest of the day. After the blazing sounds of gunfire subside, we find that, in fact, Sergeant Cutter came out on top. He quickly orders Private Sloan to perform ”his duties.” Sucking Cutter's tool and offering his eager hole for Cutter's satisfaction. This scene is probablt the best Cutter's best effort in a long time. The chemistry between Cutter and J.T. is unbelievable. These guys suck face and suck and rim like never before. Following the exhausting fuckfest, the two Marines expel their loads on J.T.'s chiseled pecs. When J.T. returns to reality after the penetrating session, he passes along word of the ”game” to his friend, Kyle McKenna.
Kyle doesn't want to be left out, so he too makes an appointment with the Game Master (Kyle has a new hairdo and his body looks better than ever). His desire, however, is to play ”Cops and Robbers.” He puts on his glasses and becomes one of L.A.'s finest. After coming home from his beat, he encounters a burglar in his house, played by tattooed sex fiend Cole Tucker (wearing a skin-tight t-shirt and ski mask ensemble). Breaking the stereotype that cops always prevail, Kyle surrenders his willing butthole, allowing himself to be used as a receptacle for Cole's rock-hard meat and his collection of sinister dildoes. After enduring the prolonged anal violations, both men erupt sending sprays of cream flying. Cole reaches to his eyes and after a bright flash the real Cole, nerdish in glasses and bowtie, is sitting at his desk calling his friend Dino DiMarco.
After hearing about Cole's adventure, Dino also wants to play. Cut to a dark alley: Dino and versatile stud pup Peter Wilder are roughneck street hoods stalking the alley looking for prey. They happen upon newcomer Tommy Cruise. Tommy doesn't seem to put up too much of a struggle before he succumbs to the hot studs' lustful demands, abandoning himself to their mutual desires. Tommy's superb virgin ass is soon pried open and pounded by the two hot studs until the two hoods complete their quest with scorching loads nearly drowning innocent little Tommy. Tommy Cruise looks like a young Tom Cruise, however, I don't think Tom Cruise has a beautiful ... and willing ... ass like Tommy does. He cock-hops from Dino to Peter in the alley. Butthole pogo anyone?
Centaur plays the ”game” well here with excellent videography, a clever storyline and goodlooking and enthusiastic performances from everyone involved. This one's a keeper. Highly, highly recommended.


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Additional Information

  • Additional Information

    Product Type DVD
    SKU D33666
    Director Chip Daniels
    Studio Centaur Films
    Release Date Jan 31, 2009
    Video Length 110 min
    Cast Carl Erik, Kyle Brandon, Cole Tucker, Kyle McKenna, Dino DiMarco, Tommy Cruise, Cutter West, J. T. Sloan, Peter Wilder.
    Category Gay